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Meticulous Evaluation | Repair | Testing | Restoration

Refurbishment of tubular heat exchangers, process equipment, and reactors for optimum efficiency

At NAFTech, we offer an equipment refurbishment service aimed at assisting you in reaching your production and sustainability goals and reducing operational expenses simultaneously. Our team comprises experienced professionals who thoroughly examine your equipment, disassemble it if necessary, and replace any defective or worn-out parts. Moreover, we upgrade outdated components to ensure the best performance and maximum efficiency.


Process flow at NAFTech

Inspection and Assessment

The equipment undergoes a thorough inspection, including visual examination and non-destructive testing, to identify any damage or defects.


The equipment is carefully disassembled, with each component and part being separated for individual assessment and refurbishment.

Cleaning and Decontamination

The parts are cleaned and decontaminated to remove deposits, scale, and contaminants.

Repair and Replacement

Damaged or worn-out components are repaired or replaced with new parts as needed.


Once repairs and replacements are made, the equipment is reassembled, ensuring proper alignment and tight connections.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The refurbished equipment undergoes rigorous testing to verify its performance, integrity, and compliance with standards.

Surface Treatment and Coating

In some cases, the equipment may receive surface treatment or coating to enhance corrosion resistance and protect against harsh conditions.

Documentation and Certification

Detailed documentation is prepared to record the refurbishment process, including repair procedures, component specifications, test results, and certifications.

Packaging and Delivery

The refurbished equipment is carefully packaged and delivered to the customer's site, ensuring safe transport.