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Engineering for excellence
A prominent player in the fabrication and manufacturing industry across the globe
Catalysing your success with comprehensive fabrication solutions
Manufacturing excellence in Pressure Vessels
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Leading Reactor Manufacturing company in India
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Our Mantra

Knowledge | Commitment | Excellence

As a prominent player in the fabrication and manufacturing industry, our goal is to constantly provide world-class process equipment and services that go above and beyond the needs and expectations of our clients according to changing dynamics and evolving technology, along with ensuring deliveries on time.


Why NAFTech?

Our technical team continually searches for new ways to push the boundaries and offer economically tailored solutions for mechanical heavy engineering services like Shell and tube heat exchangers and various process equipment. We believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our clients and strive to provide exceptional service, communication, and timely project delivery. Our engineers are dedicated to constant innovation for keeping our products unparalleled in the sector.



We take immense pride in our ability to develop ingenious solutions to address the needs of those we serve.

Our team consists of extremely talented and imaginative individuals who consider innovation a primary prerequisite.


Quality is non-negotiable at NAFTech, and we are confident that our clients will be satisfied with the products.

At every stage of production, we maintain top-notch quality standards to provide impeccable services to our clients under skilled supervision.

Timely Delivery

To help our customers meet their deadlines, prevent expensive delays, and to keep a competitive edge, we deliver the utmost quality product and services on time.

We execute our assignments within the estimated time while maintaining quality even under the toughest operating and regulatory conditions.

Customer Centricity

At the core of our philosophy lies customer centricity.

We offer on-site service, technical assistance, retrofitting, upgrades, and fast-track delivery during shutdown periods.

We strive to be a reliable and trusted partner for our customers.

— Customer Stories

We love our clients from all over the world.

We continue to make a lasting impression of excellence across the country and the globe.

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