Our Associates

We have entered into Associate Partner agreement with M/S Enpro Envirotech & Engineers Pvt Ltd a renowned Engineering Consultant located in Surat for all express purpose of complete designing of various turnkey Process Systems, WETP, ETP, APC, Hazrdus Waste Treatment Plants: Plasma Pyrolysis, Gasification/Incineration,Heat Exchangers and High Pressure Vessels etc.The scope of designing includes Process and Mechanical designing of stand-alone equipments as well complete turnkey projects. Along with them we have successfully executed various prestigious and complex jobs like HCL Scrubber System, Sulfuric Acid,Oleum,Liquid SO3, SSP, Waste Heat Recovery and Power Plant etc.

By joining together and sharing our knowledge in specific areas such as Purchasing, Process Engineering / Mechanical Design, Lean Manufacturing, Special purpose Welding and many other areas ; NAFTech feels that we are uniquely positioned to provide our esteemed customers with the most complete range of solutions and best overall value in EPC.

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